• Branch: Commerce
    Process system for management of companies trading with car parts and accessories, which includes original/serial number and car parts groups.
    Software for management of commercial and warehouse activities, working with batches, expiration dates and automatic HACCP logs.
    Software for trade, orders, requests, warehouse, multiple locations, sales and warehouse analyzes.
    S-Trade Lite
    Simplified warehouse management software.
    Software system for bookstores, which includes work with barcodes, ISBN and bookstore chains.
    Warehouse software for pharmaceutical and mecidal products with batches and expiration dates.
    S-Motor Lite
    Process system for management ofcompanies trading with car parts and accessories, which includes original/serial number and car parts groups.
    S-Trade Advanced
    A process system designed for management of warehouse and sales activities with import & export and multiple locations.
    Branch: Production
    Software designed for production with planning, complex product production, cost calculations, recipes, also covers sales and production processes.
    S-Food Production
    Production control software with batch, HACCP, manufacture plan, components, ingredients and cost price functionality.
    Branch: Specialized
    Process system for companies trading with technical equipment, which includes service part and serial numbers.
    S-Office Online: E-Shop
    Design& development of electonic shop and software to connect it with the ERP system S-Office, automation of online trade from Step-Soft!
    Software, specially designed for advertising and PR agencies, with reporting planned budged and real costs, for management of campaigns and advertising services.

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